Who Are We

MK Music Agency is a marketing, branding, distribution, consulting and music business promotion firm that specializes in sound recordings, artist image and career development.
Our team is a dynamic blend of sound engineers, music producers, DJs, creative entrepreneurs, music industry professionals.
Our mission at MK Music Agency is to ignite the passion of music within artists and musicians at all skill levels, enhance the power of branding and impose a positive presence in the music industry.

It Doesn't matter if you are signed to a independent label or a major label, every artist needs to be promoted, Marketed and branded.

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Services Needed
Marketing (Stategic, Social Media)
Studio Time
Production (Beatz, song writing, etc.)
Promotions (street, radio, internet)
Branding (Designs, logos, etc.)
Licensing (ASCAP, BMI, Copyrights, etc.)
Distribution (stores, internet, etc.)

Worldwide Distribution

Reach Over 250 Territories Around The Globe